An International Murder Mystery Based on Real Events

In 1993, Taiwanese Navy Captain Yin Ching-Feng was found murdered by a local fisherman in Eastern Taiwan. Two years earlier, the Taiwanese Navy had signed a two billion dollar deal with France for the delivery of Lafayette warships to Taiwan. Major defects were discovered within the warships, and after the murder of Captain Yin, it became clear that corruption within the ranks was front and center in the scandal that rocked France and Taiwan. The Taiwanese Navy superiors recruit hypnotist Tom Silver as a secret agent to help solve the crimes with hypnosis.

Can He Do It!!!


The How-To Book of Forensic Hypnosis Investigation

This book explores the use of forensic hypnosis in memory activation. In July of 1997, Tom Silver was awarded the “Gold Plate of Honor” from the Taiwan Department of Defense Minister for his contribution to forensic hypnosis in Taiwan.


Corporate America is Screwing You – What To Do About It

Corporate America Screwing you reveals the dirty corruptions, fraudulent scams, and stock market manipulations actually witnessed by a licensed CPA who was caught in the middle of the ugliest lies and deceptions of Corporate America. These true story accounts break down corporate fraud to its lowest level, letting all understand how to recognize swindlers' cunning schemes, how it is that they get away with their actions, and then offers viable solutions to eradicate these epidemic, poisonous villains.


Never Fear Dying Again - Your Soul’s Pathway to Life The Secrets of Past Lives Death & Reincarnation

This enlightening book will give you a new peace in life, as well as in your transition to the other side. You will find tranquility and comfort after you have read this message of great joy called Never Fear Dying Again


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