An International Murder Mystery Based on Real Events

In 1993, Taiwanese Navy Captain Yin Ching-Feng was found murdered by a local fisherman in Eastern Taiwan. Two years earlier, the Taiwanese Navy had signed a two billion dollar deal with France for the delivery of Lafayette warships to Taiwan. Major defects were discovered within the warships, and after the murder of Captain Yin, it became clear that corruption within the ranks was front and center in the scandal that rocked France and Taiwan. The Taiwanese Navy superiors recruit hypnotist Tom Silver as a secret agent to help solve the crimes with hypnosis.

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Tom Silver, a famous American Hypnotist (appeared on the Ricki Lake show and the like) is secretly hired by the Taiwanese military to help catch the culprit of a botched international arms deal that became a huge international scandal. As he begins to hypnotize key suspects, our hypnotist lands himself in the crosshairs of dangerous spy agencies from around the world and a deadly secret Taiwanese crime syndicate name the “Blue Gang” – none of which can afford the truth to come out.

After foul play was uncovered following Taiwan’s illicit purchase of war boats from France (which angered Beijing and caused a scandal), the Taiwanese militarily (closely allied with the Pentagon) came under thunderous public pressure to find the culprits. At the time Tom Silver was doing a Taiwanese TV tour, showcasing his unique and unsettling hypnosis technique, which propelled him to stardom.


Shortly after EDDIEE, a mysterious Chinese “handler” called him in to help with the case (with a strangely high cash offer), Tom Silver began interviewing
suspects and witnesses to help the government uncover the truth in a scandal that threatened to rock Taiwan’s secret “Deep State”. Powerful forces
from the criminal underworld tried to kidnap and kill him to stop the truth from coming out. The chief suspect in the case had been framed by the infamous “Blue Bang” a criminal society so powerful and entrenched in Taiwan’s military that Tom Silver was projected into A world of smoke and mirrors, in which the hardest part was telling friends from foes.

Military officers protecting Tom at secret compound in mountains in Taiwan where forensic investigations took place September 1999.

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